Team vote!

There has been a request to put two proposals to a vote. Namely, that Matt – the tall, fast, highly-skilled sub who played for us yesterday – should be:

1. Our go-to sub.

2. Offered a full-time roster spot for the Fall.

Saying yes to #1 seems a no brainer to me, the only issue being he will probably be scooped by other teams who offer a full-time position, which I’m told is likely going to be the case. #2 is controversial to say the least. Please vote and, if desired, state your case in the comments. The key issue in my mind is whether there is actually going to be a sustained period this season where the entire current male roster will have full attendance. Paul is out for another week, and Steve is going to miss the next two. Beyond that, I don’t know.


World Ultimate Tournament

Pics from Monday now on flickr.

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies, the high-seas Thursday edition

Next games are at UBC “S”, which are the soccer fields south of the regular UBC fields. We play Kielbasa and Cheeky Monkey.


I literally cannot believe this. I mean…the odds…they must be astronomical…..

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Holiday edition

Next games are at Balaclava v. Holler Sacrifice and Britches N’Hoes. Jen, Steve, Eleni, and Paul are away. I think we need a male sub. Maybe that superstar from last Monday…eh, Jo?

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies: The long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away edition

Next games are at Winona N v. Likastik and Buck Fugly. We remain in Div 2. Since this is sort of a long weekend, we should be extra on top of attendance.

Capt’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies! Apply directly to tentacles edition!

Next games…UBC rugby enclosure. For some reason, I think we’re going to have a real test on our hands….