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April practices & clinics

Captain Jen suggested practices begin in April on Monday nights. As well, there have been some resumes sent for the male side of the roster. Combining the two, we can have tryouts AND practices. It's like sliced bread!

April 3rd might be a bit early to schedule at this point, but I will tentatively set April 10th at 6pm as the first practice. The where is a question. Douglas Park, per tradition I guess. There is another field down in Charleson Park that is always empty, but parking would be an issue.

Also, I don't think we should mess around: if the new guys don't show, that's a strike against them.

Also also, the VUL has posted it's Spring Clinic series, for the interested.


Roster Update Update

Confirmed (men): James, Rod, David, Nicholas, Kory
Confirmed (women): Jen, Jo, Wendy, Ivy, Mara

Subs: JP, Kevin

Requirements: 1 woman; 1 man

Payment rec'd: David, Nicholas, Rod, Mara, Jen.

Squid Popsicle

Giant Squid

Giant Squid, on ice at the Melbourne Aquarium. Via the world’s greatest and only blog dedicated to squid.

Reminder: Fermented barley and raw fish


friday march 24
the clubhouse restaurant
255 west 2nd, just east of cambie (see map)
under jennifer

Roster Update


JP has bowed out, and will be a sub. Have not heard from Kory or Kevin per status.
Confirmed (men): James, Rod, David, Nicholas
Confirmed (women): Jen, Jo, Wendy, Ivy

Subs: JP

Requirements: 1-2 women; 1-2 men (pending K and K)

This post will be updated as alumni confirm participation.

Wranglers registered.


Monies have changed hand this night…..

The Night to play thread

UPDATE: Tomorrow is pre-registration. I will be entering Mondays (#1) and Tuesdays (#2) 

Just to update the night we play situation, it looks clear that Wednesdays/Thursdays are definitely out.

This post will be updated as more feedback is received.

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