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Squid make inroads into fine dessert dining.

Squid Ink flavoured ice cream, which you'll naturally put on top of your Squid Gut ice cream.

Only in Japan. 


Divisions reorganized for 2nd trimester

Well…that was fast for a change. We remain in Div III with Shaft, CLAM, and The Sauce. Might change if and when results are more complete. I note, for example that Huck Finn with the same # of wins, was elevated.

Makeup game – redux

Okay, so obviously this isn’t going to happen on June 3rd, if at all. I can only work with the information I was given, and I had no idea this was a bad date. It’s probably easier if I list the people who are available: me, Jen (and Steve), Matt (and friends?). I’m going to wait a couple days and see what shakes out. Full Pull is happy to play a “shits and giggles” game that won’t count, but if we can’t make it worth their while, I’ll let them know not to bother.

Um…so….anyone else want to add their name to the list?

Watch the skies!! For god’s sake, watch the skies!!

…and the VUL website for updates. Forecast is mixed. Perhaps even sunny, but I am at work today (unlike last week), and won't have the opportunity to phone if the game is cancelled. If you hear nothing, assume the game is on and show up regardless if it's raining.

Make up game with Full Pull – day?

UPDATE 28/05/06: Well, haven't heard back, so obviously the makeup game won't be happening today. Plus it's raining heavily at times.

UPDATE 26/05/06: Full Pull is consulting whether regarding an afternoon game on Sunday, May 28th @ Douglas Park. Just a note, there's a lot of variables involved. Field space, weather, and coordinating 20+ people, etc.

UPDATE: Full Pull Captain Rob suggests Saturday, June 3rd @ Jericho (before the Skills Clinic/VUL Party)

Please use this thread to discuss making up the game with Full Pull. Because the VUL plays Mon-Thu (and most of the fields are in use), that pretty much leaves Fri-Sun. My personal choice is a Sunday morning, but am open to any of these days. Conversely, we could wait until another Monday night where we play a single header. There is no guarantee though, that Full Pull will be at the same field, or indeed, whether the field would even be available.

Note in the comments whether there is a day you prefer and/or are not available.

UPDATED: Game tonight is postponed

UPDATE: The captain of Full Pull and I have talked and given the weather, Jo's dream comes true. The game has been postponed to another date, of which we will consult during the week. I will try to phone everyone as well.

UPDATE 2: Of course now it's clearing up around my house. Typical….

UPDATE 3: And now it's raining heavily again. And a genius is me…..

New Shirts

UPDATE: Are you able to vote in the poll below? If not, let me know in the comments.
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Submitted estimate by vendor for shirts w/logo: $27.39
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