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Something I whipped up over lunchtime


The key to wind is to pass it.


Joanna Ng’s “Hero[s] of the Game”®: David Karkut

Next game: Trafalgar Park v. Buck Fugley & Huck Finn

The schedule for the last trimester won’t be up until later this week, but please use this thread to report absence. Along those lines, it’s been two game nights in a row where the men have played with no subs. Please try to tell us before, you know the day of the game whether there is a chance you are not going to make it, so we can call one of our subs with notice.

Update: The schedule is now up. We go to battle v. Buck Fugley (formerly whatstheirnames) and Huck Finn. Huah!

Next games: Jericho v. CLAM, The Sauce

Jericho W. v. CLAM & The Sauce.  Two games for the taking!

Use this post to notify the team of absence, arrange rides, etc. (We know Rod will be gone).

The King and Queen

King & Queen
Joanna Ng's "Hero[s] of the Game"®: Matt & Ivy!!

P.S. Those who want posting privileges on the blog, simply get a username here and email me after. 

Next game: Slocan Park v. Shaft

Our next game is a single header at Slocan Park v. Shaft. It's a 7:30pm (boo!), so maybe we could try to come early and really warm up. Say 7pm. 

Please note in the comments if you will not be attending and/or if you need a ride or have a ride to offer. 

Perfect attendance!

How nice it is to think we are going to have a complete roster tonight!

Update: What the hell do you mean Mara won't be coming? Not even to cheer? That's nutty.

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