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Small rosters, part-time players, and the Players Contract

This in response to Nicholas comment below, and is similar to what I’ve said to others on email.

This season, and probably from now on under my captainship, there will be fee-paying Full-time players, and non-paying no guaranteed playing time Substitutes. There will be no such thing as a “part-time player”. It just isn’t going to work for this team, and here’s why.

On teams that have large rosters, whose primary raison d’etre is social, there can be a sort of part-timer who shows up when they want or can, and nobody minds if their appearance cuts down on playing time.

But on the Squid Wranglers, playing time is of paramount importance to many, and the roster has been reduced this season to reflect that desire. A part time player defeats the purpose of the small roster strategy. They bring with them the expectation of playing time, but the team can’t actually count on them turning up every week. In other words, the team has to build a roster as if the part-time player doesn’t exist, because they have to assume that person is not actually available, and thus when that person does turn up, they are an extra body that cuts into playing time.

It’s also hell on the accounting.

The system I’m trying to set up is not meant to be inflexible. If you want to buy a Full-time spot, but only play part-time, that can suit the needs of the team if you take responsibility for your absences and ensure we can field a team. This is where the Players Contract comes in: I am formalizing the idea that players take ownership over their attendance and your teammates can feel confident turning up on game day knowing there’s going to be a real game.

You could, for example, enter into an agreement with another player to “jobshare” your Full-time position, and divvy the season, and the fee, between you, a requirement by the team likely being you would not show up on the same day. The team, however, is not going to set this up for you: you are.

More thoughts later….


Players Contracts

Some of you are already aware of this, but for this Fall session all players will be required to sign a players contract guaranteeing:

1. 100% attendance, or….
2. 72 hours notice of absence.
3. In the event of absence, it will be the absentee player’s responsibility for procuring a suitable subsititute.
4. If, in breach of the above, including the failure of the substitute to appear, absentee players will be responsible for all fees incured due to a default.

Injury incured after the 72 hour period is the only exception.

Everyone has until the end of the week to inform me whether they are willing to do that, after which I will, if necessary, begin recruiting based on the response.

Fall League – Update 2

Confirmed full-time players: James, Rod, David, Chad, Steve, Nicholas, Ivy, Jen, Wendy
Unconfirmed full-time players: Jo, Nicholas

Willing to sub: Seunghee, Julie

Haven’t paid Jo for shirts: Kory.

Fall League – Update

Based on conversations from Monday night:

Sunday AM replaces Sunday PM as first choice. (and have written the VUL Coordinator to that effect).

Confirmed players: James, Rod, David, Chad, Steve, Nicholas, Ivy, Jen, Seunghee .

Unconfirmed players: Julie, Kory.

Won’t play with 7 women on the roster: Wendy

Will withdraw if Wendy won’t play: Mara.

Only want to play part-time: Jo

Haven’t paid Jo for shirts: Julie, Kory. Since Kory hasn’t picked up his shirt, it was decided that the team would buy it as a spare for the future. If Julie wishes to return her shirt, the team will buy it as well.

Tonight’s game: Update

Just a reminder that we are on the razor’s edge in terms of confirmed attendance: 3 guys, 4 girls. Everybody try to come on time.

Party Thread & Miscellaneous

Discuss the party here. Also:

There is the VUL Tournament & BBQ on August 26

Related? You. Make. The. Call.

Next game: August 14 v. sucka, sucka, suckit

6pm, August 14 v. sucka, sucka, suckit @ Jericho W. This one’s for the bronze medal.

Update: Only 2 men haven’t bowed out: James, and Chad. And we haven’t officially heard from Chad.

Update 2: Confirmed men: James, Chadlikins, Jer. YAY! we can field a team almost

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