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What a doting Dad I am

Charlotte’s first year of life, a retrospective. 512×384 FLV (4 min)


Next game: Camosun Park v. Slippery When Wet

Next game is 11:30 am v. Slippery When Wet.

There were calls for this to be a BBQ. Discuss and organize in comments.

Known absences: Paul
Paid: Rod, Mara, Chad, David, Wendy, Paul

They call him Mr. Neutron


Paul, not exactly as pictured

Joanna Ng’s “Hero[s] of the Game”®: Paul!!

Chubby Bunny

Proving once again you should never eat more than Health Canada’s daily recommended intake of marshmellow’s:

“Janet Rudd was just being helpful when she agreed to take part in what she thought was a bit of lighthearted fun — a marshmallow-eating contest known as chubby bunny at the Western Fair in London, Ont.

It was a decision that led to her death….

…A few minutes later, after putting four marshmallows in her mouth, Janet quit the contest and walked away from the stage. Fair officials say she spat out a wad of thick, white goop before leaving, and was 10 metres from the stage before she signalled for help.”

Via Jo.

What is “Fishing with John”

David K. asks “What is Fishing with John”

John Lurie tricked Japanese television into bankrolling a fishing show.

Memorable quotes:

Narrator: [as Tom Waits puts a fish in his pants to “feel better”] Oh, my God.

Jim Jarmusch: Maybe somebody else should drive.
John Lurie: There’s nobody here but you and me.
Jim Jarmusch: I’ll drive.
John Lurie: You want to drive?
Jim Jarmusch: No.

Jim Jarmusch: So what are the great fish movies?
Jim Jarmusch, John Lurie: Jaws.

Narrator: The fishermen wake up excited to be alive. They hope for good weather and good luck. Both fisherman are covered with sores and boners.

Next game: Camosun Park v. Cheeky Monkeys & Beer

Known absences: Jen, Steve

Confirmed subs: Paul

Not sure about Karen.

“I feel like we could take on the whole Empire ourselves….”

Well, I think those were the fastest two game we ever played.

Joanna Ng’s “Hero[s] of the Game”®: Our subs!!

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