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Scores & BBQ

Let me know the scores and a general spirit rank. The captain of DFA has entered 13-11 (for their team).

The VUL BBQ is this Saturday. I’m working until 6pm that day, but if there are Squids interested in lasting that long and/or having a beer on a patio somewhere, I would not say no. Discuss in comments.



I will be working (so far) the games nights of May 28th and June 11th. Please list your absences here.

Update: I have managed to book day shifts on Mondays for the rest of the summer, with the exceptions above. Phew…it was surprising depressing thinking about missing out on Ulty and face time with my Squid homies.


Does anyone remember the score to the second game?

My latest video

Each year we have a “Staff Conference” here at work, where staff can offer courses to their co-workers on basically whatever they want. This year yours truly is organizing a film festival of staff-made films/videos, and with that in mind here is an opening sequence I created for the occasion that’s part public service announcement, part 70’s sci-fi spectacular.


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