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Friday Follies IV – The incredible Thursday edition

You thought I was going away? Huh? Nothing stops the publication of Friday Follies! Nothing! Not wind, not snow, not rain. Perhaps a volcano, but that is statistically insignificant for our purposes. Today Cap’n Jimmy shares with you an important safety message from the G.I. Joe team. UPDATE: The Sauce won’t be showing up. According to “the rules”, it’s at our discretion whether to ding them with a default or not. In my opinion there’s been enough notice provided that it would be in our interest not to. As well, we can reschedule. Please post interest and availability in comments.

Next game: UBC

Known absences: The Sauce, James, Steve, Jen.


Friday Follies III

We switch things up today, presenting an artistic interpretation of Cap'n Jimmy when he finds out on 3 Squids even knew about Friday Follies.

Next game: Kingscrest Field

Known Absences: Ivy

Friday Follies II

Today we present Spidermans of the World. In this edition, Japanese Spiderman is assisted by an ally from Mexico, battling evil with the crime-fighting powers of aerobics.

Known absences: Ivy

Friday Follies I

Today I inaugurate a new feature - Cap'n Jimmy's Friday Follies - that will run until the end of the season. Is it a transparent attempt to get Squids to visit the webpage before 3pm on Mondays? Who can say?

This edition sees Telly Savalas from his mature Kojack Leonard Cohen period singing an insightful ode d'amour to a 50 ft woman.

Known absences for Monday's game: James, Jo

Who is Casey/Cthulhu?


Also per the Main, finally it can be told: an answer to why the cute little squid on our VUL page can bend time and space to his will. The Wikipedia entry for Cthuhlu, and so forth and so on.

Managing your online time efficiently

Per a conversation last night at the Main, here is the link to the post I wrote last year that gave tips on how to organize your internet time efficiently. I’d really like to reiterate my recommendation of Netvibes, a free online “personal startpage”. I’ve used it now for a couple years now and am able to follow hundreds of websites with a minimal time investment.

The long and the short of all this is you would be able to tell when this webpage was updated.

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