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Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Now on Friday!

Update: Games on at Jericho W. vs Spotty and the Dogs and Britches n’Hose

I have to admit…as the week wore on I thought to myself “I got nothing good for Friday Follies. Nada.” That being the case it’s time to dip into the reserve tank and bring out the childhood memories:

If you remember these, then you’re as old as me. If you know the words, then you’re as pathetic as me. Finally, as those that follow the news know, a video of a “live alien” was screened for the press last night at a Denver press conference. It wasn’t made available to the public, but fortunately someone leaked it onto Youtube:


A Cap’n Jimmy Bonus! Italian Spiderman!

Because today is special

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – The unbelievable Thursday night edition

While boom times still remain here in LotusLand, the signs and portents of economic turmoil can be seen here and there and everywhere. So I thoughts to meself “Jimmy….the Squids need a good, short, accurate YouTube video about the Great Depression….just in case”.

And this is that video.

Our next games are at UBC.

Joanna Ng’s Hero of the Game ©

Paul and Eleni! Showing their loyalty to the team even
if it means losing sleep!

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Special Victoria Day edition

Since this is a long weekend, it’s probably best to get a jump on the attendance situation. But first….the greatest performance of fusion jazz, rock, classical and opera sung in the Kobaïan language ever captured on video:

(Wait until 1:39 in)

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Saturday Edition

I love Rod and Chad’s new video!

Next game is a single header at UBC R – 6pm v. Britches N’Hoes

Joanna Ng’s Hero of the Game ©

Patrick the sub: “for his freakish rolling, diving catching abilities.”

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