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Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies, the high-seas Thursday edition

Next games are at UBC “S”, which are the soccer fields south of the regular UBC fields. We play Kielbasa and Cheeky Monkey.


Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Holiday edition

Next games are at Balaclava v. Holler Sacrifice and Britches N’Hoes. Jen, Steve, Eleni, and Paul are away. I think we need a male sub. Maybe that superstar from last Monday…eh, Jo?

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies: The long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away edition

Next games are at Winona N v. Likastik and Buck Fugly. We remain in Div 2. Since this is sort of a long weekend, we should be extra on top of attendance.

Capt’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies! Apply directly to tentacles edition!

Next games…UBC rugby enclosure. For some reason, I think we’re going to have a real test on our hands….

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Gearing up for The Reef Edition

If this doesn’t put you in the mood, then nothing will.

Cap’n Jimmy’s Friday Follies – Now on Friday!

Update: Games on at Jericho W. vs Spotty and the Dogs and Britches n’Hose

I have to admit…as the week wore on I thought to myself “I got nothing good for Friday Follies. Nada.” That being the case it’s time to dip into the reserve tank and bring out the childhood memories:

If you remember these, then you’re as old as me. If you know the words, then you’re as pathetic as me. Finally, as those that follow the news know, a video of a “live alien” was screened for the press last night at a Denver press conference. It wasn’t made available to the public, but fortunately someone leaked it onto Youtube:

A Cap’n Jimmy Bonus! Italian Spiderman!

Because today is special

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