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Fall League Fees

Based on the current & confirmed full-time roster of 9 10, each players share of the $515 Fall League fee is $57.22 $51.50. There are two options for payment: bringing a payment to next week’s game, or mailing a cheque to me. If the latter, email me for my mailing address.

PAID: Wendy, Rod, Mara, Chad, DavidĀ 


Finances Update – Final

Summer fees: $986

Collected: $989 

Finances update

It seems our roster is somewhat set now. So, based on this roster of 12.5, the per player share of $986 is $78.88, which means your captain is pocketing $1.12 off of those that paid $80. I am unrepentent. The balance has now been paid.

Fees outstanding: Kory, Seunghee, Julie.

Team finances – Fall surplus, Summer Fees

There is a surplus of $96.16 from Fall session fees, due mostly to the roster expanding after the season began. This will be applied to the summer fees of the players who over-contributed. Speaking of which, the team’s overall fee for aforementioned summer session is $986, and is due by 5:00 p.m., April 26, 2006. There is also something called a “Performance Bond“, the precise details of which I am currently ignorant. I believe the gist is a team puts up a lump sum at the start of the session, and gets it back in full at the end if they don’t default a game, or a portion calculated by how many games a team does default.

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