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World Ultimate Tournament

Pics from Monday now on flickr.



I literally cannot believe this. I mean…the odds…they must be astronomical…..

New uniform thread

The frontrunners: light orange, periwinkle, and olive.

My comment: what the hell is periwinkle?

Pure, concentrated awesome

1969, 86 min., 35mm, color. Directed by Yasuharu Hasebe.

In director Hasebe’s yakuza film, Kobayashi plays Yuji, a hoodlum who becomes involved with an ototobun (younger gang brother) trying to go straight. Yuji soon takes up with a hot springs geisha, the lover of a local boss, whose gang is facing stiff competition from an outside rival.

But besides all that, there’s the samurai sword and dynamite fight in the abandoned quarry.

Visitor from another world


Do we really know who – or what – Paul is?

Fall League Thread

Here is a Fall League thread to discuss time slots. Also…I’m in for next Spring!! I’m reserving my spot!!!

Who is Casey/Cthulhu?


Also per the Main, finally it can be told: an answer to why the cute little squid on our VUL page can bend time and space to his will. The Wikipedia entry for Cthuhlu, and so forth and so on.

Squid Wranglers U.C.

Homepage of the Squid Wranglers - a B+ level club of the Vancouver Ultimate League

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