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Monday and makeup games

We have received an offer by Holler, seconded by Buck Fugly, to play makeup games lost this week due to rain next Monday: either one full game; two mini-games; or 3 2/3rds games. All teams are scheduled for 6pm, and no games are scheduled after, so this looks very doable.

I’m quite certain this proposal will be agreeable to everyone, but I’m running it by you just in case.

And now….let’s visit Candy Mountain:


Rain on Monday

Our next games are at Van Tech Turf – a new field in East Vancouver – vs. Likastik and Buck Fugly. Looking at the extended forecast however, it seems there is a fairly good chance of games being canceled for Monday. If that is the case, I would like to propose a team dinner at one of the following locations: The Reef (Main Street); Dix (Downtown); or The Clubhouse (2nd Ave / sushi) at around 6:30’ish.

Next games…

Hi team,

Don’t know where I’m going to be the next few days with this strike business. The schedule’s not up yet, so keep your heads up. UPDATE: I’m taking a day off of picketing, so will be rested and primed! To what end I don’t know, but there you go.

Games: Jericho 

Known absences: Paul, Wendy

Scores & BBQ

Let me know the scores and a general spirit rank. The captain of DFA has entered 13-11 (for their team).

The VUL BBQ is this Saturday. I’m working until 6pm that day, but if there are Squids interested in lasting that long and/or having a beer on a patio somewhere, I would not say no. Discuss in comments.

Next games: CANCELLED

UPDATE 3 (Sunday AM): Captains of hypnotiq and Likastik concur the games should be canceled. When I was 27, I might have been up for a game in the snow. But now I’m 64.

UPDATE 2: Likastik captain has just emailed me and announced he’s “going to Whistler….so, like, bye

UPDATE (Saturday 9:17pm): Snowing heavily here. According to the G&M 30cm by Monday forecast for Vancouver. Have exchanged phone numbers with Likastik captain. Watch this space.

ATTENTION: Games are on, games are on!

Known absences: Paul

*with a user discretion warning

Next games: Cancelled

No games this weekend due to heavy rains.

Gee, didn’t see that one coming….¬†

Next games: CANCELLED

Rain, rain, go away.

The VUL has cancelled all games due to heavy rain. Don’t know if anyone is interested, but the Western Final is Sunday. Brunch, or some such.

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