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Scientists probe giant squid sex secrets” – a report that investigates the propagation techniques of Architeuthis, who is apparently more saucy than we realized….

Group sex

He says the reproductive habits of giant squids are particularly interesting and will be the focus of much study.

“[We will look at] whether it has been mated or not. Whether it is a male or female.

“Giants have very strange sexual behaviour where the male has a metre-long muscular penis that he uses a bit like a nail gun and shoots cords of sperm under the skin of the female’s arms and she carries the sperm around with her until she is ready to lay her big jelly mass of a million eggs.

“[We want to find out[ whether they gather somewhere together to mass-breed.

Take that, Marquis de Sade!


Scores & BBQ

Let me know the scores and a general spirit rank. The captain of DFA has entered 13-11 (for their team).

The VUL BBQ is this Saturday. I’m working until 6pm that day, but if there are Squids interested in lasting that long and/or having a beer on a patio somewhere, I would not say no. Discuss in comments.

My latest video

Each year we have a “Staff Conference” here at work, where staff can offer courses to their co-workers on basically whatever they want. This year yours truly is organizing a film festival of staff-made films/videos, and with that in mind here is an opening sequence I created for the occasion that’s part public service announcement, part 70’s sci-fi spectacular.


Video of live Giant Squid!

For the first time in history, video of a live (baby) Giant Squid, last summer’s images being “merely” still photos.

What a doting Dad I am

Charlotte’s first year of life, a retrospective. 512×384 FLV (4 min)

Party Thread & Miscellaneous

Discuss the party here. Also:

There is the VUL Tournament & BBQ on August 26

Related? You. Make. The. Call.

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